Mailing Lists Santa Cruz

Targeted Mailing Lists That Get Results

Mailing to the right demographic is one of the keys to a successful mailing campaign. Whether you're mailing to businesses, consumers or both, when you rent lists through Complete Mailing & Printing, you’ll have access to the most current, accurate lists available in today's marketplace.

Types of criteria

  • Location - ZIP Code, Neighborhood, City, Metro Area, County, Area Code, State
  • Estimated Household Income.
  • Age & Gender
  • Housing - Estimated Home Value, Home Ownership, Dwelling Type, Mortgage Indicator
  • Credit Card Information
  • Mail Order Buyers

You will have access to a multitude of lists, with very specific criteria. Here are some examples of targets that have been requested and fulfilled in the past:

  • Mail to all of the million-dollar households in a county/zip range
  • Mail to businesses in your area that are locally owned
  • Mail to executives making over a certain amount of money for a charity drive
  • Mail to specific types of professionals in a certain income range

Any specific criteria you can come up with, we can put together a specially targeted mailing list to make sure that your message reaches your desired audience.