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Exploring the Benefits of Digital Printing for Businesses

Traditional printing has fallen by the wayside over the past few decades, making way for much more efficient digital printing services. Through digital printing, organizations can submit graphics and images to their printing provider of choice. There’s no need for a printing plate, and businesses can use a variety of media for their image sources.

What Is Digital Printing?

Digital printing involves using a computer file, like a JPEG or PDF, to print items directly onto materials. Instead of the traditional plate standard used in prior decades, companies can create a simple graphic or text-based image that can be used on materials like posters, banners, mailers, or consumer products.

Digital printing services can handle any size job, whether you just need a few copies of a file or thousands. Some offer on-demand solutions that ensure items are printed only when there’s a specific need for them, like a customer order.

The quality of digital printing services will vary depending on the type of printer used. A small inkjet printer is appropriate for individuals, while companies typically require a high-volume printer that has lots of color and ink options.

Essential Benefits of Digital Printing Services

There are several key benefits of digital printing that organizations should be aware of. These include the following:

Cost Effectiveness

Unlike traditional printing, there is no need for a carefully designed offset template to create your direct mailers, banners, or other items to support your promotional needs. It’s possible to print small quantities of materials rather than placing massive orders that will likely sit in storage or otherwise go to waste.

For instance, if your company needs pamphlets or booklets to distribute to your employees, you can submit a small-scale job of fewer than 100 items. You can also use digital printing services on demand, meaning you’ll print an article, such as a sticker or a T-shirt, only when a customer places an order for a product you sell.

Fast Turnaround Times

Once a digital printing service receives your image file and specifications, it has the information it needs to start your job. If it doesn’t have any open orders, it can begin the printing process immediately, which means you may receive your materials the same day. 

Organizations that need quick delivery turn to digital printing services. They know there is little delay in getting the items they need, especially if it is just a small quantity. However, orders that require additional customization or unique materials may require a day or two to process.

High Personalization Opportunities

Through digital printing services, you can tailor your marketing materials according to your exact preferences. Nothing needs to be a carbon copy of the same page. If you want to include a different customer name on each postcard you print, or specific messaging toward various client segments, that’s entirely possible.

If you’d like to explore the personalization options Complete Mailing & Printing offers, contact us to explain your needs. We can help you design a printing campaign that includes personalization in whatever way suits your organization.

Variable Data Printing for Additional Customization

Similar to personalization, digital printing services include options for variable data. Companies can interchange some aspects of their printing media through variable data printing. For instance, they might print some of their materials with one graphic, then change the graphic used on other materials.

It’s possible to alter the color scheme, fonts, headlines, text, or other items used in a digital printing job to suit your preferences. 

For example, if you own a restaurant that changes its menu every season, you might use variable data printing to replace the names and descriptions of the food and drinks you offer. You can keep your restaurant’s color scheme and logo, ensuring the menu retains the same appearance.

High-Quality Printing Options

A digital printing job is typically much more impressionable than traditional offset printing. Digital printing offers greater color selection and quality inks. Additionally, since your design is created using a computer, you’ll have more opportunities to finesse the final image to your liking.

Files for digital printing are typically created at a much higher resolution than traditional printing offers. The result is a vibrant appearance that stands out to people who view the final product. 

Increased Focus on Sustainability

If sustainability is a concern for your company, you can select printing media made from recycled paper or other similar materials, ensuring you’re doing your best to support the environment while still promoting your organization. 

In the past, most companies placed large orders for printed materials since they weren’t sure how many copies they would need. Many times, excess items ended up in large storage rooms and were eventually tossed into the trash once they became outdated. 

With digital printing, you print only what you need. Digital printing services can keep your file, and you can submit a new order if you require additional materials.

No Need for Large File Archives

Digital printing services allow you to store your content online in safe and secure cloud-based storage. There’s no need to keep copies of your document on paper or in a file cabinet onsite. That’s a significant advantage for companies that typically print lots of materials throughout the year.

Most servers are massive and include lots of space to house even the most extensive computer-generated files. It’s possible to store hundreds or thousands of files without needing to find space in your company’s storage closet.

Turn to Complete Mailing & Printing for Your Digital Printing Services

Digital printing services offer many benefits, which is why businesses turn to them for their printing needs. If you’re looking for a provider offering high-quality digital printing services with a quick turnaround and many personalization options, look no further than Complete Mailing & Printing. To learn more, contact us today!