Fulfillment and Shipping

Like Having Your Own Shipping Department

If you distribute collateral promotional materials, or sell and ship premiums and products, let Complete Mailing & Printing provide technology, handling and storage to get the materials into your customers' hands quickly.

No more waiting for status from vendors. No more wading through paperwork for data to merge with other reports to get what you need. The materials will be gathered, assembled into a kit if desired (with personalized letter, gift wrapping -- you name it) and mailed or shipped quickly.

  • 7500-square foot secured warehouse to store your literature and products
  • All shipments traceable
  • Drop ship for postal savings
  • Just in Time manufacturing or component delivery

Services include:

  • Domestic Shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Warehousing
  • Product Assembly
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Customized Kit Building

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Product Fulfillment

From simple distribution of literature to complex processing of orders, Complete Mailing & Printing is your one-stop source. Let us:

  • Build kits
  • Mail samples or premiums to customers

Literature Fulfillment

Your sales and field reps can easily request literature and collateral material to be sent to customers and prospects.

Use Complete Mailing & Printing to:

  • Send literature to customers
  • Send brochures to sales offices
  • Send promotional material to dealers

Customized Kit Building

Kits are made up of several components, typically including an enclosure and often pre-built in anticipation of future demand.

Depend on Complete Mailing & Printing to accurately:

  • Assemble multiple-version kits
  • Determine the most economical method to mail or ship