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How to Create Effective Business Cards

Your business cards are the first impression many people will get about your services. You want your business cards to be as professional, engaging, and attractive as possible. 

Follow these tips to create effective business cards that boost your clientele, sales, and customer interest. 

Use Rich Color Schemes 

The colors are the first thing people will see when they pick up your business cards. The more depth and richness the colors have, the more attractive your cards will look. 

At Complete Mailing & Printing, we are equipped with an innovative printer that expands to the fifth color station. What does this mean?

What Is the Fifth Color Station?

Traditional printers operate on the basis of the CMYK color wheel. These colors include cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (known as key). 

The fifth color station allows us to use clear and white to generate specific shades that match your business’s needs. This makes it easier to generate neon’s, pastels, silver, gold, and more!

Printers like ours use the fifth color station, allowing for different hues and better color integration. 

This means that your business cards will stand out in any crowd, no matter what graphic design choices you make. 

Employ High-Quality Graphic Design Services 

Custom Mailing & Printing’s graphic design services take your business cards to the next level. 

Graphic design is an important part of advertisement cards. You want potential customers and clients to remember your business through brand unity and attractive design. Our graphic design services make this a reality. 

Some important aspects of business card design include:

  • Typeface
  • Font sizing and spacing
  • Proportionality
  • Maximized logo visibility
  • Clear and easy to read
  • Cohesive color schemes
  • Brand authenticity and uniqueness

We incorporate all of these essentials into the business card design process. Every detail of your business cards will serve an important purpose for your brand. 

We have a multi-step proofing process to make sure you are happy with each design every step of the way. There are no surprises once you distribute your business cards; every design is tailored specifically to your business and brand. 

Our graphic designers are experts at assessing your business’s most meaningful characteristics and incorporating them into modern, enticing designs. Your business cards won’t be just another item on a bulletin board somewhere; they will stand out. 

Choose Attention-Grabbing Phrases and Slogans

Depending on the nature of your business, there are many options for slogans, phrases, and marketing messages. 

You want to make sure that when a potential client or customer picks up your business card, they know exactly what your brand can provide for them. Vague or cliche phrasing can turn away potential clientele in an instant. 

Some ideas include:

  • Meaningful quotes
  • Brand-specific slogans
  • Common idioms and catchphrases
  • References to enduring aspects of pop culture 
  • Call to action
  • Positive phrases with shock value (example: “Buy your dream home with the money you save using our services!”)

You have plenty of freedom in the design process, so feel free to let our designers know about any new ideas you come up with. 

We can either incorporate your existing content or come up with more attractive and enticing messages to include on your business cards. This is included with our top-of-the-line graphic design services. 

Speak to Your Audience

It’s easy to get caught up in logistics and technical design, leaving your audience by the wayside. Appealing to your audience is the best way to make your business cards effective and memorable. 

Remember who you are providing goods and services for. What are the demographics of your largest audience? What are they interested in? How do they tend to spend their time and money? These are all important questions to ask when designing and distributing your business cards. 

Ultimately, you want business from as many clients and customers as possible. You should include elements that appeal to them without isolating other potential audiences. 

For example, if you run a carpet cleaning business, you might think about adding this phrase to your business cards: “Tired of seeing the kids’ stains everywhere? Hire us!”

This phrase isolates your brand by only targeting parents and family households. A better choice would be to add a brief list of the reasons for your services, such as, “We take care of wine, blood, and food stains left from your kids, your pets, or simple accidents.”

By including more than just parents and pet owners, you have opened up your business to far more potential customers and clients. 

Keep your audience at the forefront of your business card design, but don’t get so specific that you isolate your brand.  

Save Time and Money on Digital Printing Services

Our digital printing services are a wonderful value for the price that you pay. We pay close attention to every detail of the printing process, starting with conceptual design. 

We understand that you have important things to do for your business. We take care of the most tedious aspects of printing, so you don’t have to. 

We have many customization options for our digital printing services:

  • Recycled paper
  • Veggie-based ink
  • Rich color printing
  • Custom mail services

If you choose our custom mail services, you should also consider our fulfillment and shipping services. We distribute necessary materials without the hassle of vendor complications and delays. 

The more time you spend on your business, the more it will thrive. You shouldn’t have to carve out lots of time for business card printing and distribution. Leave that part to us so you can take care of your business. 

Start Designing Your Business Cards with Complete Mailing & Printing!

At Complete Mailing & Printing, we can help your business thrive by designing and distributing effective business cards. 

Our client testimonials demonstrate that our attention to detail and communication practices make us the best choice for designing and printing your business cards. 

Some of our clients have trusted us for over a decade to create, print, and distribute their materials promptly and professionally. Don’t wait to take advantage of our useful services. 

Your business depends on a steady flow of customers and clientele. Attract the ones you want with modern, aesthetically pleasing business cards that stand out in a crowd. 

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