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Why Businesses aren’t Abandoning Direct Mail Any Time Soon

If your marketing strategy is primarily digital and has little to no focus on direct mail, you’re missing out. A multi-channel marketing strategy with custom mailing services can boost your outreach, but businesses that are familiar with direct mail campaigns know firsthand how the advantages go beyond that.

Direct mail is tangible and memorable

Community PostcardDirect mail is more personal because unlike digital mail, customers can physically interact with it. It’s a bit of a novelty in this increasingly digital age, especially for young adults who grew up online. It also has a longer lifespan than digital ads. Recipients might keep a mailer around if they suspect they’ll need the services later.

Creative and bold designs can also make your mailer stand out, hook a customer’s curiosity, and stay in their minds longer than a standard digital ad. That’s not to say digital ads aren’t useful, but having multiple channels of marketing can expand your reach to people who glaze over digital ads or avoid spending time online.

Additionally, direct mail is shareable. If your business serves college-aged adults, a single flyer could be seen by multiple roommates.

Direct mail is more trusted than digital mail

In 2016, the experts at Marketing Sherpa asked 1,200 US customers which advertising channels they trusted. 76% of respondents said they trusted ads and catalogs received in the mail. Notably, the top 5 most trusted advertising channels were all non-digital, with ads and catalogs in 3rd place.

Customers trust direct mail partly because of neuroscience. The human brain has an easier time processing and recalling print ads than digital ads. Additionally, when direct mail is highly targeted and thus relevant, it naturally builds trust.

There is also a difference between the reception of relevant direct mail and relevant digital ads, like email ads. Direct mail is viewed as less intrusive, as it doesn’t require trading an email or other personal information to access its promotions and discounts.

Direct mail can offer free samples

mailing samplesWhile digital mail can include downloadable resources or links to schedule free consultations, direct mail can offer physical samples or goods. Cosmetic companies could send small packets of product or fragrance sheets. Nonprofits could include address labels, notepads, and other small items with their donation requests.

Though sending samples is pricier than mailing a lone flyer, a mailing campaign targeted toward the right customers can make every dollar work. If you don’t want to cover the extra cost, your direct mail can offer a free product if the customer visits your store location or donates a certain amount to your nonprofit.

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