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4 Direct Mail Printables to Grow Your Small Business

4 Direct Mail Printables to Grow Your Small Business

Have you carried out a direct mail marketing campaign for your small business yet? If not and your business has been around for quite some time, it’s a great idea to expand your marketing practices to mailboxes. 

Direct mail might sound outdated or inconvenient, but it’s thriving even in the modern era of digital marketing. It actually makes you stand out from the competition because countless companies can market online to millions of people, but the channel to physical mailboxes is narrower. Custom mail services can put a variety of print materials in front of your audience with precision, so you know your materials are reaching people within your target audience.

When working with custom or business mailing services, ask about the following printables and how they can integrate into your marketing strategy.

1.  Event flyers

Is your business holding an event you’ve only been advertising through online spaces? You can send out a simple flyer with all pertinent information to targeted neighborhoods, which is especially useful for nonprofit organizations and local businesses. 

Flyers come in many sizes but are commonly 8.5”x11” and either sent in envelopes or folded, sealed, and stamped. One of the largest benefits of flyers is that they run a lower cost when they’re printed in bulk and on economical paper material.

2.  Informational brochures

When your business offers a mix of services or products, you can incorporate a brochure into your campaign. Brochures have more room than flyers to include information about your offerings in depth. Though you can share a lot more info on brochures, you don’t want to share too much or you’ll overwhelm your audience. 

Lay out the most important information, include white space (blank spaces between text and images, and use professional graphic design services to confirm you haven’t missed any key features of successful formatting. For example, you want to develop an effective Call-To-Action, the action you want your audience to take after reading your brochure.  

Regardless of your brochure’s design, you want your audience to take a step closer to becoming a customer, whether by visiting your website, scheduling an appointment, or taking another action.

3.  Door hangers

Have you ever opened your front door to find a flyer hanging on your handle with a coupon for a local service? If your business is oriented toward a local population, custom mail services can print a boxful for you to hang on doors. 

The benefit of door hangers is that they can’t be ignored, and while mailboxes can be stuffed with flyers and bills, handles don’t offer much room for competitors. Your audience will be faced with the hanger when they leave or arrive home, and even if they don’t read the whole hanger, their eyes will briefly scan over and pick out what they need to know.

4.  Promotional Calendars

Printable calendars are powerful marketing tools to keep your brand at the top of your audience’s mind. 12-month calendars are popular for nonprofits to send out at the beginning or end of the year. They’re often printed in one of three sizes: pocket, mini, and full, and are excellent for companies with visual-based offerings, such as photographers or nonprofits working with animals or the environment.

These are only four possibilities for your direct mail campaign. Your local custom mail services provider can recommend additional services to flesh out your marketing and reach the best audience for your business.

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