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Tips for Success w_ Postcard Direct Marketing

Tips for Success with Postcard Direct Marketing

Direct mail isn’t merely a novelty or a nod to a simpler time in this increasingly digital age. It’s a way to get personal with clients and to effectively expand your customer base. Postcard direct marketing is an efficient method of communicating to those most aligned with your offerings and the form of direct mail most likely to be seen and gain a response. 

Think of a memorable postcard you received from a loved one. What image stands out and what did it say? Postcards sent from far off destinations are meant to share something pivotal of that experience. As a tantalizing snapshot of the larger whole, postcard direct marketing similarly paints a bold picture of what you have to offer. Complete Mailing & Printing offers custom mail services to execute a successful marketing campaign that will surpass your highest expectations. A premier mail services company serving businesses and organizations since 1976, we offer the following tips for success: 

Pin Down your Target Audience 

When the goal is to attract new customers you will need to determine your desired audience. What are their primary demographics? Consider aspects such as age, gender, income, geographic location, and housing type. Take into account their beliefs, attitudes and relationship to you. Are they somewhat familiar with you or is this their first introduction? It’s important to curate a high-quality mailing list with prospects that fit the demographics of your target audience. We can help you with custom mailing lists tailored to your specific criteria to achieve premium results.

Stimulate Interest with a Compelling Offer

With your target audience defined, determine their primary desires and needs. Consider problems they may have and the solutions you can offer. Provide a valuable offer that will motivate them to inquire further and include a time limit to drive urgency. Coupons, promotions and giveaways all act as powerful guides and gateways to your offerings as a whole. Exclusive invitations can have a big impact as they help to build trust and connection.

Capture Attention with Bold Imagery 

The overall look of your postcard will impress upon recipients an abiding sense of your company or organization. Impress them with a streamlined and thoughtful design that represents all that you have to offer. A clean and uncluttered layout will perform best. Choose striking imagery that is sure to grab attention and inspire further interest. It’s important to maintain consistency by incorporating your logo and to use images that invoke the feelings that characterize your brand.

Use a Prominent Header & Keep Text Simple

Decide on a header that is succinct, expressive, and sure to grab attention. Keep the copy simple and write as if you have one offer for one person. With a clearly defined offer suggest the next step, your call-to action. Give them a way to contact you and take that action. A website is virtually always included but adding a phone number and address with the suggestion of stopping by can be a great fit that promotes the growth of relationship.

Invest in Quality Paper and Ink

Invest in quality materials and recipients will know to expect it of your products and services. Build a credible reputation from the get go with a consistent professional appearance. We offer quality paper in a variety of weights and use state-of-the-art printers with novel color capabilities. Recycled paper and veggie-based inks are available upon request for an environmentally friendly strategy.

Gain Feedback with a Postcard Test

Gather reactions to the content and layout of your postcard before it goes to print by showing your finished design to others before printing. Allow them to view your postcard 3 seconds per side and then tell you what the main point is. In this way you will discover whether you have made your offer and call-to-action clear enough. Try A/B testing if your budget allows, using two different postcards. Mail each design to a separate audience and compare which one drives a higher response. The more successful postcard can be analyzed to give valuable insight to your marketing strategy on imagery, language, and layout choice.

Print & Mail with Professionals Who Care 

Having your postcards professionally printed and mailed through our custom mail services ensures that your marketing campaign runs smoothly. You can count on the reliable production and delivery of your promotional materials. Bulk mailing offers the most economical rates available and since all work is done in-house, we can promise the fastest turnaround at the highest quality.

Postcard direct marketing is an efficient method of communicating to those most aligned with your offerings and is the form of direct mail most likely to be seen and gain a response. Follow these tips and work with us to execute your campaign with unparalleled support, as we provide individualized attention to each individual and company that we work with and value the relationships that we build.

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