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How Direct Mail Services Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Is your digital marketing campaign running out of steam? If you’re not getting the response you want from potential customers, you’re missing out on a bold opportunity provided by custom mail services. Instead of relying on a singular method of marketing, expand your borders with direct mail to reach audiences online and offline.

Direct mail reaches new geo-locations and demographics

By incorporating direct mail into your marketing, you can reach highly-specific audiences. A custom mail services provider can help you build a targeted mailing list to reach the appropriate demographics for your business. If your business only serves locally, this is extremely important as you don’t want to waste your budget on people unqualified for your services.

Direct mail goes beyond your digital marketing campaign

cabrillo music festival postcardDigital marketing campaigns battle each other on the same digital background. Direct mail campaigns give you another opportunity to promote your business. Marketing on both the digital and physical frontiers can significantly expand your reach to people who are more active offline. People who aren’t online at all, or who actively avoid Internet use, have more exposure to ads through print methods, from mailers to door hangers and mailed product samples.

With direct mail services, your business can stand out from digital clutter in more ways than being tangible. You can create flyers, brochures, postcards, door hangers, and envelopes. If you work with a company that specializes in print and mail services for businesses, you have the advantage of professional design and assembly. Imagine how a unique design can make you stand out in a pile of generic envelopes and mailers.

 Direct mail can last longer than digital ads—physically and mentally

In some ways, it can be easier to stand out in the mailbox than a website or web search results. It’s easy to click out of websites hosting your ads, click on a competitor in Google search, or delete your emails. It takes more effort to dispose of your print mail. People might spend more time with your direct mail than your digital marketing. According to a Gallup poll, 41% of U.S. adults look forward to checking their mail, with 65% of them being 65 years or older.

Additionally, people might put away your mail for a later date if they determine it useful (e.g. your business is a hair salon). Digital marketing can be saved, but it’s more likely to be forgotten or lost in a sea of others. If you own a hair salon, what are the chances your competitor’s flyer appears in the mail at the same time? The longevity and tangibility of direct mail goes a long way.

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