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Hybrid Marketing: The Benefits of Combining Print & Digital

There’s no doubt that every business needs a strong marketing strategy in order to remain competitive. As customer shopping habits shift, it’s easy to see why so many companies are laser-focused on their digital marketing efforts. However, by doing that, they could be missing out on some opportunities to engage a larger audience.

The choice between print and digital marketing doesn’t have to be binary. It’s possible and desirable to implement a hybrid marketing strategy blending online marketing with print marketing that includes custom mailing services.

Why Digital Marketing is Important

Brands have adopted digital marketing in response to the ways that consumers:

  • Conduct product research
  • Interact with brands
  • Engage in shopping transactions
  • Shop with global brands

None of these things are likely to change.

Additionally, tools and technology have given marketing teams the ability to target audiences based on behavior and demographics with absolute precision. Marketing pros are now better able to reach consumers at the right moments with nearly perfectly personalized messaging. These pros can use data to refine campaigns even further.

Why Direct Mail Is as Relevant as Ever

Anyone who assumed that the growth of digital marketing would make print marketing irrelevant was mistaken. Brands have continued to use printed materials to reach audiences. 

One of the most compelling reasons to use digital printing services is that this form of marketing is memorable. When people are online, they are inundated with marketing messages and often tune those out. Print marketing creates something tangible that may not be as easy to forget.

Furthermore, print marketing is secure. Once it’s printed, the messaging on a mailer can’t be intercepted by hackers. This immutability ensures that information printed on a flier, brochure, or postcard remains legitimate.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Marketing Strategy

A hybrid marketing strategy combines both print and digital efforts. By combining the two, businesses may get a better response than ever. In one study, engaging customers with both emails and print marketing led to a 49% increase in sales and a 125% increase in product inquiries

Bridge the Gap Between Print and Digital

You can now use a mix of print and digital to engage prospects and past customers. One way to bridge this gap is to use printed materials to drive traffic to your website or landing pages. 

For example, you could include a special product code to use on your website or a scannable QR code as part of your call to action. This approach also allows you to track your print marketing campaign results.

Appeal to Multiple Demographics

There are customer groups who are more responsive to digital and others who prefer print. Combining the two helps ensure that your campaigns aren’t ignoring profitable demographics.

Engage More Customers with Hybrid Marketing

When you take a hybrid approach to your marketing campaigns, you can combine the tangible nature of print with the power of data derived from digital marketing. The end result will be more powerful campaigns that reach a wider audience.

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