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Millennials Aren’t Always About Digital Experience. That’s Good News for Your Marketing Department

Marketers are laser-focused on millennials for several good reasons. The generation is now firmly entrenched in adulthood and makes up the consumer group with the most money to spend, and while there’s no doubt that millennials are heavily connected, it turns out that they also value some old-school forms of communication.

Millennials have adopted email, text, and messaging, but they are drawn to traditional letters and postcards, even more so than older generations. Because of this, savvy marketers are turning to custom mailing services to reach them.

Millennials and Direct Mail Marketing

No matter how convenient electronic communication is, there’s just something special about receiving mail, and when that mail is something as personalized as a greeting card, it’s even more memorable. 

These points are true for nearly everybody, but millennials are most likely to use old-fashioned mail when they really want to connect. They spend more money on traditional mail than even baby boomers do and are the consumer group most likely to appreciate receiving postcards or personalized greeting cards.

Why Brands Should Target Millennials with Greeting Cards

Sentimentality is nice, but is that enough reason to invest time and money in digital printing and direct-mail marketing for millennials? Maybe not, but there are other factors involved.

You aren’t competing with so much clutter when you reach out to customers via mail. On average, people receive well over 100 emails each day. A millennial who communicates digitally for work and personal connection may receive even more.

On the other hand, households receive an average total of 454 pieces of mail each year. That makes for much less competition and chaos, which explains why direct mail has such great open rates. 

Send a target client a card, and you trigger a positive emotional response on top of that. People associate personalized mail like this with close friends and family members. A card delivered to a valued client can add depth to that relationship.

Integrating Greeting Cards into Your Marketing

You can definitely use direct mail to reach millennials in ways your competitors want to. Still, you’ll want to keep your primary focus on digital marketing. Here are some tips for integrating old-school mail into your modern-day digital campaigns:

  • Use designs and messaging that align with your brand
  • Make use of data to perfectly target direct mail campaigns
  • Add QR codes to mailers to connect mailers with your online presence
  • Prioritize authenticity
  • Connect with customers on holidays and anniversaries

Finally, measure the results of your direct mail campaigns carefully. Use the data you gather to determine how you progress toward achieving your goals. Then, make adjustments for future mailing efforts.

Direct Mail Stands Out Among Millennials

Digital saturation is a real thing and something that Millennials often experience. This consumer group is constantly inundated with incoming texts, emails, and digital ads. Take a step back from those things, and consider reaching out with something personal, thoughtful, and tactile.