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Sending Smiles: The Delightful World of Custom Mail Services

As a business owner or manager, you’re consistently looking for new ways to excite and entice your customer base. It offers a unique challenge — how can you try new things without going over budget or wasting time on marketing tactics that won’t work long term? That is where custom mailing services come in.

In a digital world, customized mail is a breath of fresh air. There are infinite design options to help you connect with your audience in fresh ways. One of the unique benefits of custom mail is how fun you can make it, sending smiles to people who may need them.

At Complete Mailing & Printing, we know the positive impact direct mailing services can have on businesses and customers alike. Let’s break down how custom mail can send smiles and how you can start the process with us today.

Creating Memorable Moments

It’s difficult to stand out in a competitive market, making it more crucial than ever to find innovative ways to be memorable. In a technology-fueled world of constant emails and text messages, giving your customer base something tangible is something they won’t easily forget. 

A study showed that 75% of people can recall a business once they’ve received a direct mail piece from them. Alternatively, only 44% of people remember a brand after viewing a digital advertisement. Why is that?

Compared to online marketing, people take more time to read direct mail. It’s easier to understand, stands out more, and creates memorable moments that ensure recipients remember your brand, even when constantly bombarded by digital advertising. Not only that, but direct mail is a cost-effective way to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time.

Sending smiles via custom mail is a win-win situation. Personal letters encourage customer engagement and connection, leading to more conversions. Plus, recipients get to enjoy a piece of mail they likely weren’t expecting. Making someone’s day is priceless!

Businesses have little to lose but a lot to gain by investing in this type of marketing. All it takes is one piece of colorful, well-designed mail to make someone smile and create a customer for life.

Custom Mail Services and Branding

Other marketing avenues, like email, are vital to incorporate throughout your strategy. It is no secret that people are connected to their smart devices like never before. However, because these channels are oversaturated, it can be easy for your brand to get lost in the noise.

Alternatively, direct mail offers your business a unique opportunity to stand out and boost your visibility. We know that physical letters and postcards are memorable and can create a strong brand presence. 

How do you feel when you receive a card from a loved one for your birthday? You can evoke those feelings in the hearts of your customer base.

Amplifying Brand Personality

You’ve worked hard to develop a specific and unique brand voice and personality. Custom mailing services allow you to show them off. Direct mail lets you be creative and showcase what makes your company special. 

For example, you can send various types of mail, including letters, postcards, gifts, and personalized notes. You can also try different shapes and colors to see what best connects with your recipients. 

Custom mail allows businesses to create something personal for their customer base. It’s the perfect avenue for showcasing brand personality but only if you have a reliable printing partner on your side.

At Complete Mailing & Printing, we encourage our clients to experiment with how they inject their personality into their mail pieces. It may take some trial and error, but the results are well worth the effort. Our team can help you create mail that lets your brand shine.

The Playful Side of Custom Mail Services

Not enough businesses show their playful side these days, and we can understand why. Having fun as a brand can be intimidating because you don’t know how your customers will react. Sometimes, it’s easier to play things safe and get to the call to action without much fuss.

However, custom mail, by nature, is playful. For example, let’s say an airline wants to advertise its latest deal. They can send a letter on ordinary stationery, or they can send it on paper with instructions on building a paper airplane. Which option do you think is likely to make a bigger impact?

Surprise Elements and Seasonal Touches

If you want to up the wow factor of your marketing campaigns, custom mail is the perfect avenue to do so. You can include fun surprises, like exclusive discounts and promotional codes. For example, you can send a special card in the mail for a customer’s birthday. 

You can also experiment with designs for different times of the year. Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and more — the list is virtually endless. An expert printing company will help you every step of the way — from creating beautiful designs to printing your mail and then sending it out to your customer base.

Aligning Custom Mail Services That Extend Your Core Values

What values does your business pride itself on? Reliability? Customer service? Community? The list likely goes on and on. You can showcase your company’s values through your direct mail pieces and do so in a way that tells recipients that your brand is willing to go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

Infusing Humor With Your Client Base

After a long day, no one particularly looks forward to checking their mailbox. Your marketing materials can change that! When you infuse humor in your direct mail, you connect with your audience in a new way. Not only that, but they’ll appreciate that, as a business, you don’t take yourself too seriously.

People like it when they can relate to the brands they support. The more personable and fun your company appears, the more likely you are to gain the respect and support of your customer base. Additionally, in a world where bad news is displayed around us constantly, a little humor can go a long way. 

Create Happy, Loyal Customers With Complete Mailing & Printing

Custom mailing services can help your business stand out from the crowd and send smiles to everyone in your customer base. By allowing your creativity to take center stage and including fun surprises and seasonal touches, you can resonate with your customers more strongly than ever before.

With Complete Mailing & Printing in your corner, the sky’s the limit to what you can design. Contact us for more information about our design, printing, and mailing process. We look forward to bringing a smile to your customers’ faces with our digital printing services.