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The Nine Secrets to Effective Client Gift Giving

It is the holiday season again, and Santa’s workshop is not the only busy place on earth! Here at Complete Mailing and Printing we are keeping up with the North Pole’s charming team of elves! Like that crew, we too are a team specializing in custom mailing services.  We’re the experts that you need.

We are here to provide you more than just year-end gift mailing. We help you strategize so, like our other loyal clients, your mailing has maximum productivity.

We live in an age of on-line convenience. Communications, and even gift giving are highly available electronically. This is great news, that is, unless you want to have impact. 

If you want to stand out, the more tangible, 3D mail is the way to go. In the current environment, the basic postcard generates over five times the attention of even the best designed email.

As for gifts, there is no comparison. The excitement generated over an electronically delivered “gift” or gift card is minimal. Getting a package in the mail, with a present to unwrap, gets attention every time.

Since there is some investment to this strategy, you obviously would want to target only the clients or prospects who have the highest value for your company. With a gift strategy, you can make sure that your investment in your gift mailing will bring you a hefty ROI. You will certainly solidify a warm relationship and carve out a space in their consciousness that puts your company top of mind.

We are here not only as your fulfillment service, but to help you think out and strategize methods to deliver your gift effectively and cost-efficiently. Come meet with our team and we can help set up your project with the right timing, feasible customization, and cost-reducing methodologies.

Here are nine secrets you should know to make your gift giving powerful:

1. Do something unexpected

Easier said than done, we know. By definition “unexpected” means that the gift cannot be the usual catalog item. Finding the unexpected is worth the creative brain cells, however. You want a “wow” when the client opens the box. You want to do something that makes your gift “stand out from the pack.”

2. Make it unique

While you are looking for something unexpected, push the envelope (pardon the mailing house term) and pick an item that feels special. It can be something unique to your geographic location that makes them feel like they are getting a special memento of the hometown. Something they could not get elsewhere. We are in Santa Cruz – there are plenty of special and unique items here of which to take advantage.

3. Have it make you top of mind

If the gift is a disposable like food, wine or beverage, it will be gone quickly—and so will the reminder of you. A creative gift that will stay with them, that they will see regularly and brings you to mind is far more effective.

4. Do not send a three-dimensional ad

While you want to be kept top of mind, watch out for being overly branded on your gift. A mug with your logo all over it, a t-shirt with your face emblazoned on it, may keep you front of mind but in a bad way. It tells them that the gift was not thinking of them, but of ways to advertise yourself. Your client is smart, they will know an advertisement when they see it.

5. Think about the packaging

Or more to the point, let our team help you package your gift attractively and with proper care. The gift should arrive in an attractive way, be enticing to open, but also arrive expertly and safe. We are your trusted advisors for this. Let’s meet and design the perfect packaging to deliver your gift in style.

6. Make it personalized

There are ways that you can choose a bulk set of gifts, but make each individual feel their item was selected just for them. This can be done by including a personalized note, possibly even hand-written. Most people want to hear about themselves and if your gift does that, it will be a winner. It does not have to be blatant, and in fact, if done subtly, is hugely effective.

7. Balance your quality and cost

Your gift should scream “quality” when they open it. Obviously, this can be done by having a large budget, and spending it freely. A more rewarding strategy is to find something special that SEEMS expensive but isn’t.

8. Find out what they collect

This may not work for a large mailing list as your recipients have varying interests, but if you can be more targeted, this would be a homerun.  If your client has a specific collection, a new collection item from you checks off a lot of the high-score boxes. It shows you pay attention to them, it is unique, creative, special and will keep you top of mind.

9. Do your gift campaign some other time

Experts advise that you pick another time of year besides the holidays to do your gift mailing. Again, being unique and standing out is part of the objective. How unique is it to send when everyone else is as well? Sending at a unique time says that you are giving not because it is expected, but because you want to give. 

Complete Mailing and Printing Santa Cruz is Your Custom Mailing Service Partner

When it comes to your important customer gift mailing, we are your secret weapon. Our team is local to you and our office is open and convenient for immediate service with the state-of-the-art equipment to save you cost while providing you top quality. Our team commits to going out of its way to understand your needs and help you accomplish your project goals. Our staff is not just interested in your business, they care about you. 

We know that your success is our success.