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How to Make Your Flyers More Attractive

As an effective and affordable marketing tool, flyers allow incredible flexibility in terms of design and usage.  With thoughtful design, flyers can support your online marketing presence while standing out as a message that has better read statistics. It’s highly visual format demands attention right from the start. With crisp color, an impactful design, and intentional content, you can be sure that your flyers deliver a message to be remembered. At Complete Mailing and Printing, our digital printing services and design expertise can take your flyers from merely functional to unforgettably phenomenal. 

Consider How You’re Reinforcing Your Branding

You’ve spent time considering your ideal audience and what your brand represents.  With a flyer, your brand colors, font and message are even more important.  Your flyer is generally in the hands of a “top of the funnel” customer who is learning about your business for the first time. 

Using a professional printer, your campaign can begin to stand out, especially if it runs consistently throughout the year.

Move Beyond Traditional Four-Color Printing

Four-Color printing is the most common method for printing color images. Commercial printers typically use this process for projects like flyers that contain multi-colored designs. This process is also known as CMYK printing. The four colors used to create the spectrum of printed hues are cyan, magenta, yellow and black, which are known as CMYK. Our new RICOH Pro C7210 printer moves beyond traditional CMYK printing. It expands our digital printing services to include the unique 5th Color Station. Clear gloss, white and new neon color capabilities can imbue your flyers with a striking style that’s sure to stand out.

Employ the Expertise of a Graphic Artist

The most vital aspect of your flyers is their design. The information contained in the form of flyers is important, of course, but the first thing recipients will notice is the visual layout. It’s absolutely necessary to have a tasteful design that’s appropriate for your services if you want to get noticed. Graphic design services are available and recommended for professional flyers. Our graphic artist can consult on the creative process of the design as it’s developed, or fully take the reins to deliver expert results. Whether you believe that ‘less is more’, or opt for a ‘more the merrier’ approach in your design, our experts can help make it happen. To ensure that you receive the perfect end product we engage in a multi-level proofing process. You can see the project through every step of the way from concept to printing.

Phenomenal and Functional

Flyers are one of the four main direct mail options for delivering direct mail through custom mail services. They can be used to promote events and services, deliver timely news and information, or advertise special promotions. It’s important that the content is carefully considered so that the message is clear and the approach streamlined. Color quality and overall design are the two major methods of a phenomenal piece that can help elevate your flyer to its ultimate potential.

Custom Mail Services — Bay Area and Central Coast

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