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What Should Be Included in Non-Profit Marketing Collateral?

Non-profits primarily rely on donations and volunteers to fund their operations and activities. As such, they require interest from their communities to survive. 

Local non-profits, like churches and community groups, typically use direct mail and other marketing activities to inform people of their existence and needs. However, for the best results, it’s imperative to use marketing collateral that helps non-profits build a connection with their audience.

What to Know About Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral includes branded assets that non-profits and other organizations use to engage with their audience. Marketing collateral consists of everything from a non-profit’s logo and color scheme to content that they create for their community. 

The goals of a non-profit differ from for-profit companies. For-profit companies aim to generate income for their owners and shareholders, while non-profits seek to raise money to support their basic operations and the causes they support. However, their marketing funnels follow some similarities.

A simple three-stage marketing funnel follows three steps: 

  • Educate the audience about the organization’s services, products, or causes
  • Engage the audience through helpful tools, newsletters, or events
  • Convert the audience to customers.

The tools a non-profit uses throughout the marketing funnel will vary from a for-profit company and are known as various types of marketing collateral. Compelling marketing typically results in more engagement from the target audience, so it’s critical to be creative when creating collateral for each funnel stage.

Types of Collateral Every Non-Profit Should Have

The marketing collateral needs will vary depending on your non-profit’s cause, location, and target audience. For instance, a local church might rely heavily on digital printing services to create a weekly service program for its congregation. Similarly, the local Girl Scouts chapter might use digital printing services to create a banner for the annual cookie sales.

Here are a few marketing collateral types essential to most non-profit organizations.

1. Logo and Color Scheme

Your logo and color scheme should appear on most items you use to promote your non-profit to your target audience. A logo helps your audience quickly determine when they receive communications from you or see an advertisement for your organization. Selecting a color scheme that complements your logo carries additional recognition benefits.

Many non-profits and other organizations work with digital printing services to create and design compelling logos. Companies like Complete Mail & Printing offer professional graphic design services that can help you find an attractive logo that positively reflects your non-profit.

Examples of Logos and Color Schemes

There are numerous examples of organizations that use familiar logos and color schemes. For instance, when you think of Starbucks, you’ll likely think of its green and white logo with a mermaid in the middle. They use a similar color scheme for their website, emails, and other communications, including variations of green, black, white, and neutral colors.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz is an example of a non-profit with an easily recognizable logo. Their logo consists of two interlocking hands in blue, placed above black text that denotes the organization’s name. 

2. Business Cards

Many non-profits count corporations and other companies among their biggest donors. To attract their attention, you’ll need to network and attend events where business decision-makers are likely to be. Keeping a few business cards handy lets you easily present your contact information professionally.

Your business cards should list your name, title, phone number, website details, and email address. Ideally, you’ll include your non-profit’s logo so people remember who you are and what you discussed when you met. You can use digital printing services to create effective business cards for you and your team members.

3. One-Pager

A one-pager describes your non-profit’s services and the causes you support. You can use one-pagers to illustrate why your cause is so critical and distribute them through direct mail or at networking events. The contents of your one-pager will typically vary depending on your non-profit’s services and needs. 

For instance, a non-profit that aims to fundraise for starving children in Africa will likely outline the seriousness of the problem. Its one-pager will include statistics about the severity of poverty in Africa and its impact on the local society. It might also have a list of ways to support the cause through specific donation amounts or an ongoing plan.

A local non-profit helping families find affordable veterinary care might use a one-pager to highlight upcoming free check-ups and immunization days for dogs and cats. They could also list other reduced veterinary services and ways to support pets needing food and shelter.

Digital printing services can help you create engaging one-pagers that will entice your audience, whether you distribute them in person or via mail. 

4. Flyers

Flyers help notify your audience of upcoming events related to your non-profit company. You can distribute flyers through the mail or ask other businesses and complementary non-profit organizations to share them with their audience. 

For instance, if you’re hosting a 5K walk and run for disabled vets, you can use flyers to inform people interested in participating or donating to your cause. Your flyer should include the date, time, and location of the 5K and ways to sign up or sponsor participants.

You can use flyers to encourage corporate and business sponsorship. Corporations and other organizations typically participate in community events because it improves their visibility within the community and demonstrates their commitment to critical social causes. Their sponsorships can be a tremendous source of fundraising for your non-profit.

A digital printing services company like Complete Mail & Printing can help you design engaging flyers for your non-profit.

5. Swag

Swag includes any paraphernalia that includes your non-profit’s logo or name. Swag helps improve awareness of your non-profit among your target audience and the community. Usually, you’ll provide free swag at events or networking activities, but you can also offer it to your volunteers or through giveaways.

Typical swag includes stickers, notebooks, coffee cups, pens, t-shirts, and bags. Consumers like swag because it’s free, and most of the items are useful. For instance, most people can always use a notebook and pen, and t-shirts are comfortable for working out, doing errands, and hanging out around the house.

A digital printing services company can help you pick the right swag for your non-profit and create exciting designs your audience will remember.

Non-Profit Organizations Benefit from Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is vital to any non-profit that wants to improve its footprint in the community. Creating a logo and color scheme helps your organization stand out, and items like one-pagers and flyers allow you to inform your audience of your non-profit’s needs and upcoming events. Ensure you keep a healthy amount of marketing collateral available so you’re always ready to promote your non-profit.

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