Don't Sabotage Your Direct Mail Campaign with These 3 Mistakes

There are three big mistakes organizations make when designing direct mail campaigns, which are caught when working with reputable custom mail services. However, you should also be aware of good practices—and bad practices. Before you embark on your next campaign, look through these three mistakes that can sabotage your marketing efforts:

1.   No Call-to-Action (CTA)

cabrillo music festival postcardEvery piece of direct mail needs a CTA. This is a singular action you’re telling your audience to do. It doesn’t have to be making a purchase or scheduling an appointment. It can be directing your audience to a newsletter subscription, visiting your website, participating in a holiday event your business is hosting, etc. Your mail should have exactly one CTA. If you skip out on it, you’ll have a harder time nurturing a prospective customer’s interest. If you have more than one CTA, you risk losing their attention.

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Developing an Effective Call-to-Action for Your Direct Mail

You don’t know how much direct mail your audience receives. You can guess that on an average day, their mailboxes are sparsely filled with a few fliers and envelopes. Other days might see them packed with packages or letters and cards. However, you can’t always predict how much mail your audience will sort through before they see yours.

Custom mail services are no stranger to maximizing the impact of direct mail. When designing flyers, postcards, and other types of mail, the best direct mail marketing companies focus on the call-to-action (CTA).

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How Direct Mail Services Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Is your digital marketing campaign running out of steam? If you’re not getting the response you want from potential customers, you’re missing out on a bold opportunity provided by custom mail services. Instead of relying on a singular method of marketing, expand your borders with direct mail to reach audiences online and offline.

Direct mail reaches new geo-locations and demographics

By incorporating direct mail into your marketing, you can reach highly-specific audiences. A custom mail services provider can help you build a targeted mailing list to reach the appropriate demographics for your business. If your business only serves locally, this is extremely important as you don’t want to waste your budget on people unqualified for your services.

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Ensure People Read Your Direct Mail with These Tips

Is your direct mail campaign not getting the results you want? Whether your return on investment is low or your response rate is lukewarm, you can revamp your direct mail efforts in multiple ways. One is by working with an experienced custom mail services provider to improve your mailers and ads. Another is by improving your mail designs in the following ways:

Grab attention by getting personal

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Direct mail is free from the cluttered territory of digital marketing, but your mail campaigns still face competition. How many times have you opened your mailbox to find a pile of mailers, bills, and print ads? Do you remember which mailers caught your attention? They might have been designed creatively, had vibrant graphic designs, or been personalized.

Personalization is a simple way to put your direct mail ahead of the competition. Simple ways to personalize your mail include adding your recipient’s name, incorporating a handwritten element, and addressing the envelopes by hand. If you have the time, budget, or ability, you can write messages directly to the recipient. Nonprofit organizations often do this by thanking recipients for prior donations.

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Why Businesses aren't Abandoning Direct Mail Any Time Soon

If your marketing strategy is primarily digital and has little to no focus on direct mail, you’re missing out. A multi-channel marketing strategy with custom mailing services can boost your outreach, but businesses that are familiar with direct mail campaigns know firsthand how the advantages go beyond that.

Direct mail is tangible and memorable

Community PostcardDirect mail is more personal because unlike digital mail, customers can physically interact with it. It’s a bit of a novelty in this increasingly digital age, especially for young adults who grew up online. It also has a longer lifespan than digital ads. Recipients might keep a mailer around if they suspect they’ll need the services later.

Creative and bold designs can also make your mailer stand out, hook a customer’s curiosity, and stay in their minds longer than a standard digital ad. That’s not to say digital ads aren’t useful, but having multiple channels of marketing can expand your reach to people who glaze over digital ads or avoid spending time online.

Additionally, direct mail is shareable. If your business serves college-aged adults, a single flyer could be seen by multiple roommates.

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